Wedding Photography in Tampa Bay

Wedding Photography in Tampa Bay


Welcome to TTL Studios, the premier wedding photography studio in Tampa Bay. We are a team of experienced and creative photographers who specialize in capturing your most precious moments on your big day. Our goal is to transform your wedding memories into timeless art that you can cherish for years to come.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to our award-winning wedding photography services and explain why choosing the right photographer is crucial for creating lasting memories. Let's get started!

Introduction to TTL Studios Wedding Photography in Tampa Bay

At TTL Studios, we believe that every couple deserves stunning wedding photos that capture their unique love story. Our talented team of photographers has over a decade of experience in the industry and has won numerous awards for our work. We understand how important it is to document your special day with professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. That's why we offer a range of customizable packages to suit any budget or style. From traditional portraits to candid shots, we have got you covered.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your big day. Your photographer will be responsible for capturing all the magical moments, from the first look to the last dance. It's essential to choose someone who not only has the technical skills but also shares your vision and style. At TTL Studios, we take the time to get to know each couple and create a personalized plan that reflects their unique personality and preferences.

Highlights of Our Award-Winning Wedding Photography Services

Our wedding photography services are designed to give you the best possible results while making sure you enjoy the process. Here are some highlights of what we offer:

1. Pre-wedding consultation - We will meet with you before the big day to discuss your vision, style, and preferences. This helps us tailor our approach to fit your needs.

2. Professional equipment - We use top-of-the-line camera gear and lighting equipment to ensure high-quality images.

3. Unlimited hours - We don't charge by the hour, so you can relax knowing that we will be there throughout the entire event, capturing every moment.

4. Online gallery - You will receive an online gallery of all your wedding photos, which you can share with family and friends, with your own APP.

5. Custom album design - We offer professional album design services, so you can relive your wedding day over and over again through a beautifully crafted album.

Transforming Your Wedding Memories into Timeless Art with TTL Studios

At TTL Studios, we believe that weddings are more than just a celebration; they are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create lasting memories. Our mission is to capture those memories in a way that transcends time and becomes a treasured piece of art. With our expertise, passion, and dedication, we guarantee that your wedding photos will be nothing short of breathtaking. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding photography services and let us help you preserve your most precious moments forever.


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Planning a Beach wedding in Florida

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022


Now when you are engaged with your beloved one, the preparation process begins. And the core point is the place where you aim to say ‘I do’. The variety of breathtaking destinations only makes a choice more challenging.


Browsing different places, you will definitely come upon beach weddings in Florida. Seeing this once, you will fall in love with the location forever. Whity-white sand, crystal-clear blue water, delicious cuisine and many more advantages to gifting you and your guest with an exceptional beach wedding experience.


Still, what does it embrace to organize a wedding on the Florida coastline? You should consider many things, from the venue to the ceremony procedure and even weather conditions. So, to facilitate your life and help you conduct a lifetime wedding, we have created a detailed wedding planning guide. Let’s dive into it!


Before choosing the celebration type, it is worth finding out what the ceremony actually takes. The most pleasant news is that to get married in Florida is as easy as pie and you may do it by a notary public.

You should apply to any county clerk’s office to obtain a marriage license. However, it is better to check out the county site where you’ve decided to tie the knot to get more info. Acquaint yourself with the following requirements to register a marriage in Florida.

  • Both parties must be of legal age. To be aware of exceptions, look through Florida Marriage Statute.
  • A couple has to present IDs with valid photos and social security numbers.
  • It is not necessary to provide blood test results here.
  • Take into account the mandatory 3-day waiting period after getting a license to conduct the ceremony. It occurs you can’t provide documentation approving you underwent a state premarital course.
  • The license will expire in 60 days.
  • Be ready to pay the fee of $93.50 unless you haven’t completed a marriage prep course.


The next essential step is to make up your mind where the event takes place. It all depends on your preferences and, of course, budget.


If you may fork out, the private beach wedding is a perfect choice. You will enjoy your day without outside distractions and undesired onlookers. Typically, apart from direct access to the beach, you will get incredible seclusion and plenty of space while hosting the wedding at a restaurant, resort, hotel, club, etc. However, when it comes to private beach permits, it might be quite challenging and expensive. So, in this case, you’d better hire a wed planner to make everything go smoothly.


Don’t worry if you are on a limited budget. A public beach is also a fantastic celebration spot. Florida has many to choose from, so you will doubtless find your cup of tea. Although you can meet the problem of occasional passersby and some background noise, this won’t hurt to hold a memorable ceremony by the sea.


There is no right answer regarding the hottest Florida beach to tie the knot. Each one is special in its own way and has pros and cons. Thus, the best practice would be to consult a wedding planning specialist or to do in-depth online research to pick the best-fitting coastline.


No less crucial stands the time of year and weather conditions for getting married on the Florida coastline. Think thoroughly and pay attention to all factors that could influence before selecting a day.


From June through November, hurricane season covers Florida, but this doesn’t exclude these months entirely. April and November have the slightest rainfall and the calmest weather with no violent storms. But heavy rains and massive tourist crowds occur from June to September. So, it’s better to focus on April-May days.


As for the Florida weather, it is pretty variable. If you are dreaming of a beach celebration, you will likely be under constant stress due to the weather conditions. That way, try to monitor the preferred location weather forecast and find out if the place offers shelter for you and your guests in case of storminess. Ideally, you should have a backup plan for sudden troubles.

  1. Wedding Outfit

It goes without saying that it’s private business how to dress up on a special day, but beach weddings in Florida are famous for their carefree and relaxed style. It’s just a sin not to play along with it.


With a tender, flowy, wind-fluttering dress, casual veil (or none at all) and flat-soled sandals, you will come the trendiest Florida bride. For the groom, nothing will fit better than a lightweight linen suit. It might create even more cozy vibes if the couple is barefoot throughout the ceremony.


Be sure to let the guests know about wed dress code. Not only will you attain stunningly styled pics, but you ensure people with comfort during the whole celebration.

  1. Travel Costs

Whether you are a Florida resident or a traveller, travel expenses are required to count in wedding planning. The guests are supposed to purchase the ticket, so you must inform them about the airfare costs in advance.


Don’t also forget about the hotel stays. If you can afford to book rooms for the guests, try to make it beforehand. Thus, it’s possible to get a hefty discount. In case you have no possibility to book guests’ rooms, let them know about these extra costs.

  1. Craft the Website

It is the most efficient way to provide everyone with details of your celebration. You can make it highly useful by updating it with info on travel expenses, hotels and nearby attractions. Publish a wedding events timeline and suggested dress code to keep people know what to expect. Moreover, you may include a gift list here to alleviate guests’ lives.


It doesn’t take being a tech expert to create a wedding site. Luckily, the Internet is full of various simple templates to utilize or you may resort to web designer services to craft something unique.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, each wedding is different, and there are no universal rules suitable for all. Still, sticking to our top advice, you will arrange a paradisal beach wedding in Florida. No matter how big you are going to celebrate, this list will surely help you plan your special day at its best.

Wedding Reception

Planning your Wedding in Florida just got easier.

“We are here to educate and empower you, to help plan and prepare for your destination wedding in Florida.”


FDW Chapel is helping couples make their dream destination weddings a reality. The non-profit organization offers free destination wedding information to help couples plan and celebrate their nuptials at the best destinations in Florida.

Destination weddings involve a lot of planning and research, often making couples forego their dream plans for something simpler. FDW Chapel helps couples plan their destination wedding in Florida with Free advice. FDW Chapel also offers couples the use of the chapel, a minister and a professional photographer for an hour. People can get pictures taken in the chapel during the service and at the chapel’s waterfront lawn.

Florida is one of the most sought-after wedding and honeymoon destinations. The sunshine state offers so many benefits to couples that make weddings memorable. FDW shares that one of the biggest benefits of a wedding in Florida is that there are no state taxes when filing for a marriage license. Florida also offers several free wedding planning resources that couples can find online. FDW Chapel is one of the free destination wedding resources that couples can use.

To help couples figure out what they want for their wedding, FDW Chapel offers quizzes that help couples plan the perfect day. “We are here to help educate and empower you to make decisions to have the best possible wedding you can have on the beach in Florida.”


One of the struggles many people face with destination weddings is insufficient and inaccurate information. FDW Chapel provides accurate information to give sufficient insight into planning and executing a dream beach wedding. The chapel relies on decades of professional wedding planning and continued research into Florida wedding locations.

“One of the first things you will want to do if you are interested in getting married in Florida is to decide on the location, East Coast for the Sunrise, Gulf Coast (West) for the fabulous sunsets.” Once a location is settled on, it is important to select a licensed officiant or an authorized official in the city of choice. FDW Chapel has five ministers.

For beach weddings in Florida, FDW chapel offers information to help people find the beaches that are open to the public, how much it costs to get married on the beach, and whether any permits are needed. It is essential to check with each destination since regulations and fees differ from beach to beach. For some of these destination weddings, advance booking is required.


Beach weddings also require weather considerations and guest capacity. Since wedding planning can get hectic, it is possible to miss some details. FDW provides outlines to help couples cover all bases, including choosing indoors or outdoors, type of decoration, time of day, hotel and catering, and more.

Wedding packages are also popular because they make planning and execution easier. FDW offers recommendations for the best websites and companies to work with for peak planning and effortless execution.

Visit FDW Chapel to start planning the perfect destination wedding in Florida.

Contact Details:
Business: FDW Chapel
Contact: Mike Jones
Contact Number: 844 581 7427
Email Address: 
Country: United States

Our Blog

Beach weddings a free advice help centre 

The perfect venue for a wedding

If planning your wedding locally sounds stressful you might think that planning destination weddings would be harder. Not at all if anything it’s easier to have a beach wedding in Florida.


Think  there are fewer arrangements to make, your beach wedding dress will certainly cost less,

They are simpler to plan, so with our all-inclusive wedding packages a Destination Wedding makes the whole process more affordable.

With the Gulf as a backdrop, we enhance the stunning beachfront wedding venue outdoors by adding romantic details that create an elegant setting for your ceremony giving you the most affordable wedding venue of all.

With remarkable views and year-round sunshine Florida is one of the most popular venues for a wedding in the USA. Whether your planning an elopement or a celebration with family beach weddings offer the best wedding venues outdoors.

Once you have the ideal location for your outdoor wedding, we can design a wedding in a budget for you and have lots of destination wedding ideas to create a turnkey solution to make wedding planning easy and effortless for all of our couples. From the basic elopement to our all-inclusive venue for a wedding, our affordable wedding packages include ceremony design and décor, minister, photography, and delivery of your Florida Marriage license after the wedding.

And our onsite wedding event coordinator will ensure every detail of your beach wedding comes together seamlessly.

We are dedicated to providing the wedding of your dreams, at the ultimate venue for a wedding on the beach in Florida overlooking the ocean, to feel the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze gently blowing through your hair. We can make this a reality for you here at Fl destination Weddings in 5 simple steps:


  1. choose your location
  2. pick a date and time
  3. pick your beach wedding package from our site
  4. pick your ceremony vow choice
  5. pay your retainer.


Our affordable wedding packages are intentionally designed to enhance the love and enjoyment of your special day by eliminating the stress of planning a destination beach wedding.

We have partnered with many local vendors to help plan your perfect wedding venue outdoors and give you the best resources. You will have many questions please reach out to us 7 days a week 8 am to 8 pm .  We look forward to Making Memories with you.

If your planning a Cheap wedding- elopement we have packages from $399 including minister and photographer to our all-inclusive wedding packages Clearwater Florida where we are based including a mini reception at $4000  we have a package for you. All our wedding packages are totally customizable to give you exactly what you are looking for.  All our packages come with everything you need to make your special day extraordinary.  Choose the package and then the options that make it unique for you everything will then be taken care of by us to give you a stress-free day. 


After all, we have the Ultimate wedding venues in Florida…. The Fabulous gulf beaches. 

visit or call

             844 581 7427


Destination Wedding in Florida

Time to Think about your Beach Wedding in Florida

It's time to think about your destination wedding. You're going on a big adventure, and if you haven't already booked the plane tickets, it might be worth considering where you're thinking for your honeymoon. One place that makes a lot of sense (and is practically guaranteed) is Florida. It's warm, it's beautiful, and the possibilities are endless.

There are so many choices regarding destinations for your wedding, but one of the places that will always stand out in Florida.

With golf courses and beaches in the state, Florida is perfect for couples who want to get married outdoors on a beach or in a beautiful park. Some professional photographers and videographers will be able to take pictures and videos of your wedding day that you'll treasure forever. The best part? They're all available at affordable prices.

Whether you want to book a great photographer from the beginning, or if you're planning on using friends and family members instead. As long as you look for someone who has experience with weddings or goes through a professional program, then everything will probably be fine. Just remember that if you go down this route, though, you might want to offer to pay for the basics just in case things go wrong. You might also want to consider making thank-you cards of your own to mail out to the people that helped you out.

As for the colors and location of your destination wedding in Florida, feel free to turn your most romantic fantasies into reality. Whether you want to be surrounded by flowers or have a straightforward but intimate ceremony with your fiance, there's no wrong way to plan a wedding. You can even book it around your favorite football team's schedule if you want to. Just remember that there might be some other events going on at the same time, so do your best to pick the time slot wisely.

And of course, since this will be a big celebration that everyone is ready for, it's worth booking a venue with as many amenities as possible. Some of the most popular ones include resorts and bed and breakfast type places that have conference rooms for weddings and honeymoons. You might even want to set aside one part of the building or a boat for your guests and family to stay at. The best part about all this? It's pretty much the same package price for everything since Florida has hotels that are similar to resorts.

If you're leaning towards a destination wedding in Florida, this will be the resort of your dreams. We have our backyard, and plenty of events are happening outside the area. So if you're still unsure where your destination wedding will be, schedule a visit before you book anything with us and see what we can do for you.

Plenty of places in Florida are perfect for destination weddings, so don't rush into anything.

You'll have plenty of time to narrow down your choices and make sure you pick the perfect place. Just remember that things can change pretty quickly with this type of booking, so don't wait too long if you're serious about having a destination wedding in Florida. You could have the perfect place to get married, but it might be booked a month or two after you started searching. 



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