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Benefits of Getting Married in Florida


If you have ever dreamed of getting married in the Sunshine State, then you are not alone. Florida has become one of the most popular places for people to get married and honeymoons. This is because there are many benefits that come with being married in Florida. One of the biggest benefits is that there are no state taxes when it comes to filing for your marriage license. In addition to this, there are also a number of free wedding planning resources available online. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting married in Florida, read on.

One of the first things that you will want to do if you are interested in getting married in Florida is to decide on the location, East Coast for the Sunrise , Gulf coast ( west ) for the fabulous Sunsets.

Once you have decided on the location, you will need to make sure that you have a licensed officiant. You can find a list of these officials by checking with the county clerk's office in your area. We have 5 on staff.  If you are getting married in another location, you will need to find an official who is authorized to perform marriages in that particular city, and who is au fait with the best spots for the wedding.

If you have decided that you would like to have a beach wedding in Florida, you will need to check with the county where you plan on getting married. You can check with the county clerk's office to find out which beaches are considered public property. Once you know which beaches are open to the public, you will need to find out how much the fee is for getting married on them. The fee varies from beach to beach, so you will need to check with each one individually. At lot do NOT require permits , those that do may require info well in advance 30-60 days so plan ahead.

If you are looking for a wedding package, you will need to check online. There are many websites that offer wedding packages inc a minster , photographer, set up with arches , chairs music etc, so you only have to deal with one company who can plan it all for you, and these sites often provide helpful information about getting married in Florida.  Ask us for recommendations.



Beach weddings

Beach weddings

 Weddings on the Beach


When deciding upon a beach wedding in Florida, you must also consider the weather. If you're looking for something beautiful and secluded, look into holding it outdoors. An outdoor beach wedding will allow you to choose the time of day, weather, and tide patterns to take your wedding memories to the next level. If you're looking for something that's still traditional, but modern and romantic, consider holding your ceremony on the beach in Florida

The first suggestion is to consider when you want to get married. If you're looking for something exotic, consider a Florida beach wedding. 

The next suggestion is to consider the building's guest capacity. What is the number one factor when considering the guest capacity for a hotel? The guest capacity. If your hotel doesn't have enough rooms, you're going to have a problem. Another tip is to go around the building and look for rooms that seem like they might be available. You never know what will happen. You might be able to find a room that's actually being booked. What's the number one thing that hotel staff will look for? The list goes on and on. I hope that you'll consider the guest's capacity when choosing your location. You'll find that hotel staff isn't going to be as concerned with decorum and formality as they are with the space available. It's going to be a great location if you pick it. But you need to consider the size and capacity of the hotel. A lot of times they'll give you a specific room and they'll turn it into a wedding. You won't have room for everyone. This is another thing to consider. Be sure to take into consideration the guest's capacity.

Another tip is to know how to decorate for your beach wedding. I highly recommend that you take a little bit from an outdoor wedding and a lot from an indoor wedding. When planning your beach wedding, I recommend using a professional company such as Fl Destination Weddings who have been planning beach weddings in Florida for over 25 years and are all 5 stars rated, using only their own staff for every event no outside contractors. When planning your beach wedding, I highly recommend using an arch for the backdrop as while the Ocean is the main backdrop then the arch creates a focal point for your simple beach wedding. This is for your guests to get enjoy your event. Talk with with a professional  so they can guide you to the best locations, will be beach be busy? does it require a permit? 

You'll find that most hotels are going to charge you a lot more for catering than you will for a local restaurant. I'm not saying that you should have to use a wedding caterer, but you may be able to save some money.

You can find just about any type of menu that you want. Florida Destination weddings does provide a list in their welcome packet of a list of great restaurants that will host your dinner or lunch afterward, most will have live music if you wish to dance. All are within just a few minutes of the Clearwater Beach wedding location.

My recommendation is to look for everything that you want.   so YOU can control the budget remove anything you don’t like, and add only the things that are really important to you.


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